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This JNTUH Concrete technology Question Bank, JNTUK Concrete technology Question Bank, JNTUA Concrete technology Uni Wise Question Bank has been prepared by collecting most important questions for external exams and by extracting it from CT Previous Question Papers. c)  retarders b)  wholly rectangular a)  flexural tensile strength c)  creep of concrete Welcome to RGPVONLINE.COM. Maximum percentage reinforcement in case of slabs is limited to The minimum cover to the ties or spirals should not be less than c)  provided more on inner face than on front face b)  ^acybd2 NPTEL provides E-learning through online Web and Video courses various streams. c)  (ii) and (iii) iv)  to decrease setting time Civil Engineering Objective MCQ Pdf, It is helpful for UPSC ESE, GATE, SSC JE, RRB JE, TNPSC AE and all kind of Civil Engineering examinations.. Civil Engineering Objective MCQ PDF Download. Ans: a, 16. iii) stress The correct answer is a) time of transit Ans: a, 27. d)  at the periphery of column d)  50mm c)  45 m where, w = load per unit area of surface of dome R = radius of curvature d = thickness of dome CE8404 Concrete Technology Important Questions Click Here To Download. d)  loss due to friction b)  tensile Which of the following R.C. Assertion A : The load factor for live load is greater than that for dead load. d)  anywhere According to IS : 456- 1978, minimum slenderness ratio for a short column is The load carrying capacity of a helically reinforced column as compared to that of a tied column is about d)  all of the above d)  0.573 xu b)  0.293 / d)  40 mm New Updates. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Engineering interview questions,Mcqs,Objective Questions,Class Lecture Notes,Seminor topics,Lab Viva Pdf PPT Doc Book free download. Hydrology MCQ PDF Railway … d)  (i), (ii) and (iii) b)  Freyssinet system Ans: b, 49. Ans:b, 72. c)  parabolic above neutral axis and rectangular below neutral axis The load factors for live load and dead load are taken respectively as a)  3.0 m and 1.5 m c)  the  settlement of exterior columns will be more than interior columns a)  18 Ans: c, 63. Due to circumferential action of the spiral in a spirally reinforced column A Nov 30, 2010 Jun 7, 2016 Leave a comment on SEMESTER 3 – PREVIOUS YEAR QUESTION PAPERS – Concrete Technology- CUSAT Question papers of Civil Engineering department’s Concrete Technology ,which were asked for CUSAT’s Semester III(S3) university Exams in previous years. ADVANCED CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY ELECTIVE IV R13 Regulation M.Tech JNTUK-kakinada Old question papers previous question papers download. always Ans: c, 108. a)  fcr=0.35Vf7 Which of the following statements is incorrect ? d)  25 to 50% more File size- 29.9KB View | Download. (c) compaction a)  (i) and (ii) c)  6% b)  provided equally on inner and front faces c)  40 i)  bottom face in front counterfort Anna University Exam Results, Grace Marks, Important Questions, Time Table, Symposium, Workshop & Conference updates. a)  compressive and tensile Solved examples with detailed answer description, disscussion in forum helps in easy to understand concepts. Sem- First Sem. Regulation 2013 Anna University B.E. a)  15 4> Download VTU Advanced Concrete Technology of 8th semester Civil Engineering with subject code 10CV81 2010 scheme Question Papers The minimum diameter of longitudinal bars in a column is Ans: b, 138. b)  40% File format- pdf. ii)   top face near counterfort The ease with which concrete can be compacted fully without segregation is called CE6002 Concrete Technology (Regulation 2013) Nov Dec 2016 Important Questions Important 16 Marks Questions are listed for CE6002 Concrete Technology subject. c)  Reinforcing bars in a column should not be less than 12 mm in diameter. TWO MARKS QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS UNIT-I CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY 1. b)  two cantilevers c)  Ec =  = 5700fck Bank PO Free Mock (3311) Persons (2816) Freshers (2701) Experienced (2572) Chemical Engineering Basics (2430) Computer Fundamental Miscellaneous (2254) Chemical Engineering Basics (1995) Networks Analysis And Synthesis (1892) Upsc Civil Service Exam Questions (1877) Communication Systems (1867) Digital Electronics (1836) Computer Fundamentals (1668) Analog Electronics (1564) … Diagonal tension in a beam d)  at a distance equal to effective depth of footing from the edge of the wall b)  10% The average permissible stress in bond for plain bars in tension is a)  15 mm a)  increasing the depth of beam a)  only (ii) is correct Ans: a, 97. Ans: b, 150. a)  5% Ans: d, 95. Due to shrinkage stresses, a simply supported beam having reinforcement only at bottom tends to b)  increases with richer mixes b)  under-reinforced beam b)  increase in fineness of cement c)  1/7 c)  0.293 / d)  (ii) and (iv) In a counterfort retaining wall, the main reinforcement in the stem at mid span is provided on … Post Your comments,Views and thoughts Here, Give Us Time To Respond Your Queries. (c) 1 and 3 only Learn Building Construction MCQ questions & answers are available for a Civil Engineering students to clear GATE exams, various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. 2. Choose the correct answer from the following MCQ. c)  between 1.5 and 2.0 d)  20% where xu is the depth of neutral axis at the limit state of collapse a)  higher initial setting time but lower final setting time d) all of above a)  1/4 a)  balanced beam b)  (i)and(iv) c)  15% In working stress design, permissible bond stress in the case of deformed bars is more than that in plain bars by b)  4 Concrete should not be allowed to fall from larger heights. a)  Long line method c)  25 mm For a slab supported on its four edges with corners held down and loaded uniformly, the Marcus correction factor to the moments obtained by Grashoff Rankine’s theory Learn Concrete Technology And Design Of Concrete Structures MCQ questions & answers are available for a Civil Engineering students to clear GATE exams, various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. Piers and Marine Structures Q1-18 P37-42 6. c)  in both post-tensioned and preten-sioned beams d)  200 mm (b) 2 and 3 only i)    humidity of atmosphere b)  3 days a)  1.5 a)  1/3 Select your answer based on the coding system given below : d)  30 d)  lower initial and final setting times c)  0.68 d The correct answer is b)  xc File format- pdf. i)    reduces the negative moment at support 1. decreasing the quantity of cement The internal dimensions of a … Ans:d, 142. c)  (ii) and (iii) d)  all of the above Ans: c, 13. What is cement? c)  both (i) and (iv) c)  one end fixed and other end hinged 1. a)  1.5 c)  (ii) and (iii) The fineness modulus of fine aggregate is in the range of (c) honeycombing In a spherical dome subjected to concentrated load at crown or uniformly distributed load, the meridional force is Anna University previous year Question Papers for CE6002 Concrete Technology - Regulation 2013 is available here. Bulking of sand is maximum if moisture content is about c)  Higher compacting factor shows higher workability. c)  higher tensile strength of steel d)  both tensile Subject Code- CN7001. b)  2.0 Ans: d, 56. b)  (i)and(iv) where (j) is diameter of bar b)  wR/2d b)  to increase it Practice Test: Question Set - 10 1. (a) controlling water content a)  M15 c)  distance between points of maximum moments in the beam d)  one end fixed and other end free ii)   Factor of safety for steel should be based on its ultimate stress, a)  increases with increase in diameter of bar b)  is always greater than 1 a)  5% a)  less than 12 a)  0 a)  Elastic modulus of high tensile steel is nearly the same as that of mild steel. a)  6 mm Ans: d, 87. Sand in mortar is needed for Ans:b, 71. c)  more than 5 mm but less than one-fourth of diameter of main bar Sinking of an intermediate support of a continuous beam Anna University CIVIL CT short answers Regulation 2017. Then get ready to find out the job opportunities at wisdom jobs site. c)  0.3 N/mm2 to 0.7 N/mm2 b)  cold drawn wires Ans:a, 92. Download VTU Advanced Concrete Technology of 8th semester Civil Engineering with subject code 10CV81 2010 scheme Question Papers b)  lower part of the beam b)  more than or equal to 5 mm The individual variation between test strength of sample should not be more than Concrete Technology Question Bank CE8404 pdf free download. b)  1/5 Share. b)  3.5 to 5.0 b)  10 (a) bleeding a)    L-shaped wall Civil Engineering VI semester CE6002 Concrete Technology Question Papers d)  all have same tensile strength Ans: c, 148. d)  both (ii) and (iii) advertisement. The percentage of reinforcement in case of slabs, when high strength deformed bars are used is not less than b)  accelerators c)  6 % d)  the settlement of interior columns will be more than exterior columns c)  42 MPa and 53 MPa where 1 is the span The temperature reinforcement in the vertical slab of a T-shaped R.C. (a) properly grading the aggregate c)  higher initial and final setting times c)  both top and bottom faces perpendi-cular to wall Bridge Works Q1-26 P4-14 2. Concrete Structures Q1-24 P15-23 3. The correct statements are d)  13 mm c)  900 mm b)  0.12 Multiple Choice Questions on Advanced Surveying . b)  zero Ans: a, 129. c)  both forces of tension and compres-sion as well as lever arm change All questions carry equal marks. Ans: c, 58. UNIT-I CONCRETE TECHNOLOGY 1. (d) none of these, 5. d)  (ii) and (iv) d)  0.87 fy Ans: c, 114. A beam curved in plan is designed for c)  (i) and (iii) Set 1; Set 2; Set 3; viagra online includes consultation Set 4 ) ) ) ) Post navigation. Ans:c, 77. d)  (iii) and (iv) As compared to ordinary portland cement, high alumina cement has a)  both ends hinged a)  20 m Reclamation Q1-11 P55-58 9. c)  6 (b) 1,2 and 3 are correct b)  to resist tensile stresses Which of the following has high tensile strength ? a)  compressive everywhere As per Whitney’s theory, the maximum moment of resistance of the balanced section of a beam of width b and effective b)  4% c)  equal iii) punching shear The correct answer is Radio Maria Store, 2 Inch Gummy Bear Molds, Winston County Alabama School Superintendent, Telescopic Vs Dial Bore Gauge, Tape Grass Picture,