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Simplifying the obvious "To capitalise on the growing demand for mobile banking … When we consider how to create a banking super app ecosystem, there's an important question to answer: how will it work technically? Over 800 million active users use the app every month. If the recipient starts using the banking super app, the user will be able to see this person's activity in the feed according to their privacy settings. Download 100,000+ Royalty Free Banking Ui Vector Images. To make conversational banking available right from our home, the Internet of Things (IoT) would integrate UXDA's banking super app AI advisor with smart home assistants like Amazon Echo or Google Home. If the user is eager to get the new car instantly, he/she can choose the one with the best fit from the available options and receive it by the next day just by clicking the “Buy” button and confirming the agreement. Instead of waiting for a user's request, the financial AI assistant would automatically prepare and approve proposals for the maximum number of services using big data-based predictive analytics. Viewing a transaction history is the second most important user scenario after checking the balance. Welcome page for Booking app. This would allow the bank to generate a personalized proposal even before the user has requested it. We propose to use financial AI settings to automatically prepare or even pay bills. Connect with them on Dribbble; the global community for designers and creative professionals. Our Design Team will create a brand … The presence of a large number of products and the flow of big data passing through the bank can become a promising basis for building a highly personalized banking ecosystem around a specific user. Points can be redeemed for gifts or free goods and services. Bebank — Mobile Banking. Detailed information about each transaction is available by simply clicking on it. Now, they’re asked to log in to the banking super app and will be presented with a list of cars. In the settings panel, the user has rewards points. Customers can also effortlessly edit the account name, configuration and its primary status. The banks that still struggle or don't even look for ways to implement this are putting themselves at great risk. Motion video of UXDA's Banking Super App UX/UI design concept that was nominated for one of the world’s biggest and most prestigious design prizes - the Red Dot Awards 2020 final judging. These recommendations may include anything that would help to enhance the user's financial life, for example: To create a truly intuitive banking user experience, we placed the transactions list under the accounts screen and linked it with the balance chart. In UXDA's banking super app interface, we have taken into account and designed a full range of financial transfers, including: All of these transfers are just a few clicks away and take a minimum amount of time and effort. All that the customers have to do is choose the proposal that best fits their needs and tap a single button. scaling its banking ecosystem by adding new features and products, including those provided by third-party institutions. To provide customized proposals for each customer, AI could be used for a more accurate customer credit scoring based not only on the user's bank's profile and credit history, but also social profiles and offline activity. If we could get rid of these forms, at least in 90% of the cases, the users may cry tears of joy. Today, biometrics is a well-developed technology that provides instant access to mobile banking while maintaining an adequate level of security. Further, future banks should find and combine identical contacts to ensure the ultimate banking user experience. For example, a customer gets a push notification about a pre-approved loan offer for a brand new car. Don't forget to share your love [L]. Alex has dedicated half of his life to studying human psychology, as well as business success, developing 100+ digital projects and 30+ startups. Mobile banking app design is more important than ever. HOW IS IT POSSIBLE? One of the most powerful features that digital banking AI can provide is personalized promotions. This banking concept has become one of the best UX case studies, reaching more than 200,000 financial professionals from 147 countries. UXDA's neobank UX design offers a convenient and intuitive way to quickly switch between the accounts via a simple swipe, while the balance chart makes it easy to evaluate money movement in each account. The card locks, and the menu appears below. It should combine analysis of the user's financial activity, their social environment and big data analysis on typical behavioral patterns, geolocation data and contextual analysis. Finally, the user would expect for the bank to provide services that would guide them, track the situation and advise on the best ways that the customer can manage his/her financial life. Mobile Banking App UI. But this is not the case where the banking user experience is fully personalized and is able to come up with solutions that fit each customer's specific needs in specific circumstances, right when the customers need it. We believe this can completely change the customer’s banking experience. Mobile Banking App on UI Movement Toggle navigation When it comes to personalized assistance, the core tasks of a banking super app should be to: In addition, AI opens up many different opportunities to take the banking customer experience to a brand new level. UXDA's vision of the banking super app offers customers the opportunity to place regular bill payments into the user's activity feed and send push notifications so the user can pay those with a single tap, as easy as that! He always monitors the newest design trends and is famous for the ones he created himself. Jun 2, 2020 - Mobile banking app UX/UI design Light Bank by UXDA. A banking super app must be a champion in personalization. tips on how to reduce spending in the categories in which users spend the most; notifications about urgent financial activities that require immediate attention; recommendations about savings and investments according to the user's goals; reminders to pay bills and make other regular payments; useful contextual messages, such as suggestions for nearby ATMs when traveling; mindful budget alerts when visiting shops, etc. Personalized promotions and services even before the user has thought of it. the customer can check his/her balance, upcoming payments and even make transfers without pressing a single button… and all of this from the comforts of their couch. His magic touch can make any interface bloom. This is where the financial app should come in handy with help in not only providing an insightful overview but also giving recommendations. In this way, the user can purchase a car faster than in the online store. This is exactly what UXDA followed by integrating the gaming elements. analyzing and determining key app functionality; exploring trending technologies to provide the most simple and clear solution for the user’s financial journey; testing the usability of the future product and customer reaction even before coding is started; providing an engaging real-life touch and feel experience of the product to impress your stakeholders or investors; setting up final product interaction and motion features to the development team. Awsmd Team. This could be done by using open APIs and cloud storage. If you are not yet familiar with it, UXDA's approach is thoroughly described in our other financial UX design case studies: How We Designed the Most Awarded Banking App Concept in the World, Banking Back-Office Transformation that Led Vendor to a Global Expansion, How to Raise the Rate of a  Mobile Banking  App from 2,8 to 4,7 in Google Play. A financial status overview is the first thing users should see after opening the application. Banks offer their customers a myriad of different financial services, but, despite that, the users aren't able to achieve the maximum value that these products can provide. Hope you like it! There is still a room for improvements and since I use the mobile application on daily basis, I have decided to review a few screens and present some possible UI improvements. UI Movement is a community of design enthusiasts who share and discuss the most interesting and unique UI designs. Why some digital financial products are demanded and loved by the customers while others bankrupt? The most famous example of the super app is WeChat, launched in 2011 by the Chinese internet giant Tencent. It also includes advice and service tips that improve the user’s financial status. UXDA's banking super app functionality is based on three main banking innovations. 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